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A Church Website?

A Church Website?

Does a church need a website? It doesn’t if your church isn’t interested in attracting members. It doesn’t if your members don’t care about the use of photo galleries, event information, registration and archiving of church services to keep your members engaged.

A Church Website?

A Christian Science church is all about the communicated word. Our branch church uses its website for all of the above and more. Our website has the look and feel of the church so that those new to our facility know what to expect before they enter the door. It tells visitors what to anticipate before they visit our church.

You don’t need a website if you don’t care about providing answers to questions from members, visitors and people searching for your church even though people may have questions about location or worship times.

Your Christian Science church may think it is a budget buster to share events and information even though this information may prove valuable to church members and new people visiting a website. Events and happenings are mentioned during the service. If people want to know about these “happenings” they should be in church to hear the announcement. We wouldn’t want to post it on a website for anyone who missed the service.

312 million Americans used the internet in 2019

Even though people search online for churches in their towns, (312 million Americans used the internet in 2019) you probably aren’t missing out on great outreach opportunities.

Web design can be scary. New technologies change web development every day and make the design process seem daunting and confusing. A competent developer will remove the confusion and can design a site for you that literally will pay for itself. For instance, our company provides a free single page site with “all the bells and whistles” for Christian Science churches.

So, does a church need a website? If you don’t care about the future of your Christian Science church it doesn’t.